Our Vision

Cheese  Brie Sandwich

Unlock the treasure chest of Caribbean gastronomic delights and drive growth through quality and innovation to this dynamic food sector.

Demystify and expose commonly held views and misplaced assumptions relating to British Caribbean food and culture to become what it's meant to be, the most amazing food/culture collaboration in modern times.

This concept permeates my core belief that resides at the heart of our business model that informs the vision - creating the perfect Caribbean product exposition for all to enjoy.

The most amazing food/culture collaboration in modern times.

Cooking steeped in culture.

Professional chefs will seize the opportunity to deliver perfect Caribbean taste to their customers consistantly.

Add creative flair to unveil jaw-dropping, mouth watering cuisine creations to repeat customer satisfaction.

Plus importantly saving preparation time and lowering production costs

The home cook will simply choose their preferred cooking system and watch perfection unfold.

Added Value

Our products can be finished using the

Sous Vide cooking method to enjoy the related taste benefits.

Sous Vide is a French phase often translated as "under vacuum".

For many chefs Sous Vide is synonymous with cooking vacuum package food in a water bath at a desired temperature to achieve perfect results repeatedly.

The water bath is the modernist culinary production appliance experts say has the potential to be the biggest change in the domestic kitchen since the microwave.

Good reasons to go Caribbean be it -

Family gathering to feast, reminisce and share memories.

A candle lit meal for two.

To rekindle and sustain cherished moments of a recent Caribbean vacation.

In anticipation.

Of that first visit to the enchanted isles to sample the delights of the food that awaits you.

Indulge yourself.

A tasty meal cooked by you from our range of products influenced by the mosaic of taste and flavours reminding you of the many cultures that constitute the glorious Caribbean.

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