Our Roots

Cheese  Brie Sandwich

Orlando's Caribbean Taste and Flavour is a start-up operation, the brainchild of Orlando McDonald a successful owner/operator of various food operations through out the West Midlands and the South East of England.

Orlando's career in the food industry started as owner/operator of a trendy Vegetarian Café called Mother Earth an independant venture trading within a popular health food chain of stores called Natural World one of which was located in the leafy suburb of Bearwood on the main High Street situated outside Birmingham City limits.

Although this was to be the curtain raiser in what proved to be an epic entrepreneurial journey.

The alma mater to this illustrious career is rooted in the exclusive world of the food court operation.

Having launched a number of highly successful specialist brands, located within high end shopping malls, The Patisserie Basildon, Desert Island Basildon, Natural Choice Birmingham, he used this opportunity to master his craft in food retail and create a synergy to the art of customer relations.

Building a much admired and loyal client base from a cross-section of the diverse and discerning shopping public, a testament to his unique style and popular product range and a manifestation of repeat business and glowing testimonials.

Culinary Accolade

More than wood and water!

Orlando's crowning glory was the establishment of the award winning Xaymaca Experience Caribbean Restaurant located in Birmingham City Centre, a cultural hub serving cuisine par excellence to a sophisticated and knowledgeable clientele.

Playing host to national and international sports icons, celebrated musicians, TV presenters, stage and movie actors.

Birmingham Nightlife Award Best Restaurant Winner. — 2001

African Caribbean Business Forum 3B Food and Catering Award — 2001

A stand alone independent business venture crafted with passion, creativity and gifted West Indian panache with time honoured business acumen.

This illustrious period preceded the renown and much loved local favourite; Jamaica Inn, a take out establishment featured in the BBC Good food Show of 95

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